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hot dog cart business
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hot dog cart business

Hot Dog Cart Business – Why We Don’t Like It

hot dog cart businessJust about everyone loves hotdogs – how about starting a hot dog cart business?

Here at, we’re still assessing the true viability and profitability of the hot dog cart business.

Our jury might still be out on the concept, but it is not out on this particular group of hot dog cart business programs.

We don’t like it, and we’re not afraid to say it.

Why? Because we’ve never seen such a crazy business model and there’s no way we want to take advice about starting a hot dog cart business from anyone who operates like this.

What’s our problem?

OK, there’s this dude whose signature we found illegible (if anyone can read it, please feel free to enlighten us) who claims to be the Hot Dog Business Guru and to have written the ultimate guide to start a hot dog cart business. He says his name is “Perry” – but there’s no way we would have deciphered that from his scrawled signature.

Problem is, he (or a publishing company, or even two publishing companies, it would seem) is operating three identical “start a hot dog business” websites – selling exactly the same program at three wildly (and ridiculously) different prices.

Let’s start with the first (and most highly priced) Start A Hot Dog Cart Business plan. Its price has been reduced from $297 to $97. The website is here:

The publisher of this particular Start A Hot Dog Cart Business plan is Shoestring Publishing LLC.

Let’s move on to the next Start A Hot Dog Cart business plan. Its price has been reduced from $297 to $17. The website – which is uncannily identical to the previous one – is here:

The publisher of this particular Start A Hot Dog Cart Business plan is Desktop Publishing LLC.

And now for the final Start A Hot Dog Cart Business plan. Its price has been reduced from (you guessed it) $297 to $7. No misprint – $7. The website – again identical to the previous two – is here:

The publisher of this particular Start A Hot Dog Business plan is the same as the previous – Desktop Publishing LLC.

Here at we can’t make any sense of this.

Three identical websites – all different prices.

We contacted the “brains” behind this $97 publishing venture – we were directed to their website

From their website, it would seem this company has also published a book about importing from china – – and is in the process of completing a program about how to start a preschool – you can read our review of the best program for starting your own preschool here.

We can’t help but wonder about the validity of this company’s other publications, based on this schmozzle.

We contacted and asked them “what gives?” with all these identical hot dog business websites and the outrageously different prices for an identical product.

We have yet to receive any reply – not a good sign (but somehow we’re not surprised they didn’t answer).

There’s a lot of things not to like about this Hot Dog Cart Business plan pricing structure.

  1. How would you feel if you paid $97 for HotDogCash, only to discover later that you could have bought it for $7 under a different name? We know we would be peeved – really peeved.
  2. How can anyone claim their product is worth $297 – and discount it down to $7? This doesn’t sound to us like they place much value on their own product. Why should you place any value on it?
  3. They’re offering business advice – purporting to have the knowledge to instruct others on how to run a hot dog cart business. Can you really trust any advice they offer, considering the dubious methods they are using to sell this program?

At we don’t think this represents good business practice and we would be hesitant to follow the advice of anyone who operates their own business like this.

We couldn’t help but have a laugh at one particular portion of these hot dog business websites. “Perry” talks about the other hot dog business courses he looked at. This is how he describes one of them:

“The first lame course was published by a guy who had obviously never, ever owned a hot dog cart business in his life. He was just an information publisher who came along and decided he was going to try to turn a quick buck. As it turns out he actually was a car dealer from some town down in Texas. I actually got a hold of him eventually and tried to talk to him but he hung up on me.”

Well, please correct us if we’re wrong, but to us here at it sounds suspiciously as though this particular hot dog cart business guide has also been produced by an information publisher – or two! And as for the remark about the car dealer … of course, we’ll be expecting much better manners from “Perry” and we’re sure we’ll receive a reply to our email soon.

In summary: Buy it for $7 if you’re desperate to learn everything you can about how to start a hot dog business. We haven’t bought it – we feel it’s an insult to our intelligence to offer exactly the same product for $97 on one website and $7 on another.

At the moment we have a bad taste in our mouths about the hot dog cart business. Sometime in the future we’ll research some more credible sources. We’ll keep you posted on our future hot dog business exploits.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for successful small business ideas, check out our AustraLab review – this is a program we can recommend.

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